Since March 12, Mota & Ferreira has triggered its contingency plan, due to the the spread of coronavirus. A strategic tool for preparing and responding to a potential epidemic by the SARS- CoV-2 virus. Since early, the whole team showed a full sense of the situation we were going through, and assimilated all advice and standards transmitted, which are in accordance with the rules proposed by DGS.

We divide the team into shifts, allowing the density of employees to be much smaller and all the conditions of protection and hygiene were guaranteed to all employees, thus allowing all of us to be able to work safer, smoother and more effective.

At this moment, Mota & Ferreira, and as determined by our business plan contingency, we are not receiving clients and providing them face-to-face meetings.

We are permanently available either via email, phone or video conference. Our distribution continues to function fully, guaranteeing all deliveries to our partners on time and hours, following all hygiene and safety rules.

Let us all hope that this situation will be quickly overcome by all of us. Think in you and all those around you.


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