About us

We are a printing company with 40 years of activity.

Getting started is always the first step to achieving great dreams. And we, at Mota & Ferreira Lda, have already carried out part of this dream in almost 40 years of existence. A company that began as a small printing-house, is now a graphic industry that has won the respect and admiration of its customers, employees and partners.

Located in Vale do Ave, in the North of Portugal, where it combines tradition with a modern and sophisticated infrastructure, with high performance equipment that guarantees high productivity and quality, satisfying all types of graphic works with quality, speed, agility and excellence.

Today the company has just made a strong investment, which translates into an expansion of its infrastructures, acquisition of new machines that allow a significant increase of production, as well as the possibility of exploring new products and markets.

Our History

- 1979 -

Founding year of Mota & Ferreira Lda. A small family business takes the first steps, in a small garage, with very rudimentary machines. They acquired a Grafopress, a manual guillotine. Printing was done using the lead type composition. Techniques, nowadays very rudimentary but that involved much knowledge and precision, that made the whole team grow.

- 1990 -

The first change of facilities, to a small building, where there already existed a production area, differentiated from the areas of prepress and offices. With the change, new machines were also bought. The acquisition of the first offset machine and the company gained a new direction. Already with 10 employees showed the ambition of who were growing slowly but in a sustained way.

- 2000 -

Management has decided to take the biggest step to date. The facilities were already too small for the number of employees and the workload they had. The need to purchase new machines required a new plant change. It was there that the company bought a lot, and built the building where still today Mota & Ferreira works. A huge step for a small company, which despite all the sacrifice that this investment required, showed vivacity and desire to grow and increasingly cement its position in the market.

- 2017 -

The largest investment made by the company to this day. Expansion of its production area, and acquisition of state-of-the-art machinery. With about 40 employees, Mota & Ferreira continues to grow with feet well laid on the ground, showing a huge determination in everything they set out. Today it is one of the most respected printing company in our country and already takes the name of Portugal across borders.