Much is said these days about quarantine, staying at home, essential services, in preventing a major catastrophe, in solutions and rules to overcome the pandemic that it seems to have no end.

Never in 40 years have we been forced to close doors for a long time, either for lack of work, or even for vacation, since at Mota & Ferreira, vacations are alternated, always maintaining work in the periods that for the society in general are of rest. This troubled phase, which is going through much of the world, is no exception, and we maintain our daily effort, with due precautions, to continue to serve a large number of companies, distributed by the most diverse business area. This great variety makes the graphic business very vertical, allowing to produce a wide range of goods essential to these companies, and consequently to the whole society.

If you think about it, no medicine comes without a paper box, which turn it will have to contain a leaflet, this same box is delivered with others, in pharmacies in cardboard boxes. A protective mask is sold within a box, for safety and hygiene of the mask itself. No health entity, works without graphic material, and do not even imagine the needs that our hospitals have of these materials to work to their fullest. If we’re going to buy some cereal, a packet of milk, a packet of cookies, a packet of porridge for our babys, or even because we are unable to cook at home, and we order take-away , if we make an online purchase because the trade is all closed, we will certainly realize that we will have at home several elements made of paper / cardboard.

The graphic area is essential for the functioning of society, and therefore we can not stop.

Mota & Ferreira, is currently a reference company in Portugal, with very vertical services, ensuring a wide variety of goods for the most diverse business area.

A company at the service of society….


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